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“Cows run away from the storm while the buffalo charges toward it – and gets through it quicker. Be the buffalo.”


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Doug has operated a private office handling multi-line services since 1988. Doug prides himself and his entire team in providing quality customer service. In fact, in light of Doug's reputation for quality customer service, he was chosen over many other qualified candidates to service the clients of two long tenured financial professionals when they retired, a testament to Doug's commitment to excellence in service. This has helped grow his business throughout central and south Jersey.

His success comes as a result of his commitment to helping clients grow and protect their assets. As a trusted advisor, his clients have grown to expect quality service from Doug and his agency. To continue to serve his clients to the best of his ability, Doug strives to continue to educate himself. Most recently in February of 2016, Doug achieved the RICP® (Retirement Income Certified Professional) from The American College. In 2013 he achieved the designation CLU® (Chartered Life Underwriter) from The American College and again in 2014, he achieved the designation ChFC® (Chartered Financial Consultant). This allows Doug Sr to provide helpful advice to his clients, helping them better plan for retirement with the latest growth accumulation strategies.

Over the course of Doug's career, he has achieved PLC (Prudential Leaders Council) for The Prudential Insurance Company of America, located in Newark, NJ, since 2005 and has been awarded numerous President Citations. In 2008, he finished in the top 20 producers in the country, making him a first time member of this company's top advisors. Doug has again achieved this in 2009. Doug has been an active member of a Field Advisory Council, serving as the 2009 Chair of the NJ P&C Advisory committee. Doug also served as the Co-Chair to this committee, serving alongside Prudential's President of Agency Distribution, ending his 3 year commitment in December of 2013.

In 2008, Doug became a lifetime and qualifying member of the Million Dollar Roundtable. MDRT membership is recognized internationally as the standard of sales excellence in the life insurance and financial services business. In 2009, Doug achieved Court of the Table, which requires the producer to earn three times the MDRT base production. A member of NAIFA since 1994, Doug believes in making the most of his practice. Doug is a graduate of the Strategic Coach Program which has encouraged his appreciation for the entrepreneurial spirit and the balance of business and personal life.


Douglas M. Garback,CLU®, ChFC®, CLTC®, RICP®

Phone: (732) 846-2992 x111 | Fax: (732) 846-3778 |

Danielle L. Veloso, CFP®, CPA


Phone: (732) 846-2992 x222 | Fax: (732) 846-3778 |

Danielle Veloso is the Financial Planner and Agency Financial Manager at The Garback Agency. Her role as a planner is to help individuals and families create a plan to achieve their desired outcomes, whether it is for protection, education, retirement, or legacy.  She graduated from Villanova University with a bachelor’s degree in accounting, then continued on her education with certifications in finance and financial planning.  After working as an auditor for KPMG and a controller for a software company, Danielle had developed a desire to build relationships with individuals and be a resource throughout their lifetime.  Therefore, she began her education with The American College of Financial Services and became extremely intrigued by financial planning.  This led her to join The Garback Agency in 2018 and begin working with our community to create those relationships and plans. 


As a goal-oriented person, Danielle has always believed that what doesn’t challenge you, doesn’t change you.  She believes this same philosophy applies to planning – to ignite change, you sometimes will have to do the hard thing, whether that’s asking for help or taking action to achieve your goals.  Danielle has chosen her life’s work to be alongside those that ask, those that want to invest in themselves, and those that are up for the challenge.  She will continue to choose this every day because she loves being a part of someone’s life journey and being there to achieve what they desire most. That theme permeates throughout our team members at The Garback Agency and creates outstanding outcomes for those that embrace it.


When Danielle is out of the office, she enjoys spending time with her husband and family, exercising, cooking, travelling, reading, and learning. 


“I do what I do because I care.  And if you care about your financial wellness too, let’s make a plan.”

“What doesn't challenge you, doesn't change you.”

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Diane L. Garback, RICP®


Phone: (732) 846-2992 x115 | Fax: (732) 846-3778 |

Diane has managed day-to-day agency tasks since 1992. She has worked alongside Doug since then, and has played a large role in the expansion of the Garback Agency. Diane prides herself on having the ability to take on roles and produce great quality service.

Diane's greatest accomplishments in her career thus far have been when she was awarded as a National Qualifier for Property and Casualty, and when she was part of the technology improvements at Prudential. By earning this award and being part of this selective group of employees, Diane gained immense confidence in her abilities which helped shape the firms delivery of a quality experience for clients.

"In the middle of every difficulty, lies opportunity." This philosophy taught Diane to view hers and our clients obstacles in a different way. She is known to be a very positive light both in and outside the office. Her enthusiasm encourages our team members and clients to look at the great opportunities they have to live the life they desire. 

When Diane is not spreading joy in the office, she is enjoying every bit of her life. Diane enjoys spending time with her husband, Doug, and four children, Doug Jr., Danielle, Nicholas, and Carly. When she is on the go, she is either golfing, traveling, doing yoga, or decorating a new area of her home.

“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.”

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Laurie Troulis


Phone: (732) 846-2992 x123 | Fax: (732) 846-3778 |

Laurie listens to what our client’s insurance needs and challenges are, and then offers options for the appropriate product and coverage to suit their needs. Competent customer service has always been a priority of hers, which has transitioned into a rewarding role she takes great pride in.

Laurie’s career at the Garback Agency started in January of 2013. She was new to the insurance industry, but very familiar with quality customer service. Laurie’s greatest accomplishment in her career so far was when she was awarded the Plymouth Rock 2019 Number One Sales Agent in the State of New Jersey. By earning this award, Laurie proved to herself that educating clients, making solid recommendations, and listening intently is the solution to earn a client’s trust and respect. We may not always have the best rate, but we will always have your best interest in mind. 

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.” This philosophy helped Laurie evolve into the manager she is today. She has recognized that educating our clients provides them with the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions to help meet their protection needs and goals. We all have a different path in life, and Laurie is grateful to have the honor to listen to everyone’s challenges, apply the skills she has, and recommend an outcome for them and their family.

When she is not in the office working for your family, she is loving hers. Her husband, children, grandchildren, mom and siblings are the greatest pleasure and joy in Laurie’s life. Laurie enjoys spending time walking through the woods, appreciating nature and all the beauty that surrounds us.

“Call me to review your current policies, I guarantee you will leave the conversation knowing more than when you reached out… how liberating that is!”

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Image by Sincerely Media
Image by Sincerely Media

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.”

Gina Salinas


Phone: (732) 846-2992 x133 | Teléfono: (732) 846-2992 x112 | Fax: (732) 846-3778 |

Gina Salinas’ role is to help all the Spanish community with their unique challenges. Gina is Bilingual in Spanish and English.  She takes pride in helping prospective clients with the language barrier and educating them about insurance products. Helping clients in selecting the best policy for them and their family is a satisfying feeling for Gina.

Her career at the Garback Agency started in 2011 as a Marketing Assistant in life insurance and investments for our founder Douglas Garback.  She came from a background of banking and cash management.  Since Gina has joined our team, her greatest accomplishment has been continuously qualifying as one of the top 15 Plymouth Rock salespersons in New Jersey since 2014.

A quote Gina has developed into a philosophy is, “How you think about your customers influences how you respond to them.” Gina has a desire to make our clients feel comfortable as possible and treat them as she would her own family. Her goal is to build trust with our clients by listening to their needs and concerns, asking various questions, and taking my time with each individual or family that walks in.

Gina loves what she does because for the past eleven years, she has been helping to protect so many people every single day. She feels so rewarded when our clients leave the office feeling at ease and confidence with their insurable decisions.

When Gina shuts down her computer, she is out enjoying and living her life to the fullest with family and friends. They road trip and travel often in search of the best wineries, hiking, and kayaking our world has to offer.

“Feel free to call me any time to review your current policies! If you have a friend or family member who needs my guidance for their insurance needs, I will be more than happy to support them as well.”

“Patience is a key element of success.”